There are multiple shipping options available:

Free Shipping: (If available) We choose the shipping mode. Please allow 4-8 business days for receipt.  

USPS Priority Shipping: Orders are processed within 3 business days. Please allow 2-3 business days for receipt after shipping.

Fedex 2-Day Shipping: Fastest shipping method available. These orders are given priority and processed first. Fedex DOES NOT DELIVER TO HOME ADDRESSES ON WEEKENDS. Please choose shipping accordingly.


For all shipping methods, you will be provided with a tracking number via email. Please use your tracking number to view the status of your shipment and specific delivery time. We process orders Monday through Friday. Please add an extra day for any holidays.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages after delivery has been confirmed to the address you provided. 

Please choose signature confirmation for a small additional fee if you are concerned about theft.

If you provide an incomplete or incorrect address that is not deliverable by the shipping carrier and the package is returned to us you will be responsible for payment to ship it again once you provide the correct address.

*Please be aware that shipping quotes and prices come directly from the carriers. In the event your shipping cost are insufficient to cover shipping of your package, we will attempt to ship using another method if you approve, or invoice you for the balance before shipping.


"I’m afraid to order online" Is my information safe?

Although some are hesitant to place online orders, Red’s Kitchen Sink checkout uses PayPal and Credit Cards where your information is always secure. PayPal and your Credit Card's also provides protection against fraud to customers. We never see your personal information.  Please view our security certificates for Geo Trust and Authorize.net.


Do you ship your products to APO AE addresses?

We are proud of our military! Yes we do ship to APO AE addresses.


I am In London, When can I expect my package to arrive?

International orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International at this time and expected delivery is usually within 8 – 14 business days (pending customs clearance). Local taxes and custom duties are the responsibility of the customer. Please check with your local customs office for details on how these charges are assessed and applied. Packages that are returned due to unpaid duties and customs will be charged an additional shipping fee. Please include a contact phone number in the notes section when placing your order as it is required by customs. We will attempt to contact you by email if you did not include your phone number so that we may expedite shipping.

Our shopping cart is set up to calculate international shipping rates (and our international handling charge is already included). We check calculated charges against actual shipping charges. If the cart has underestimated shipping we will adjust the invoice and contact you prior to charging your card.

If you are an international customer using a U.S. mail or freight forwarder for shipment of your orders overseas, Red's Kitchen Sink's  liability for your order ends when your freight forwarder takes delivery of the package. We will not be responsible for leaks or damage in transit beyond the delivery point regardless of whether you have insured your package or not as our insurance only covers transportation from our warehouse to the delivery point specified on your order. If an item has been left out of your order through our error, we will send it to the destination specified on your original order or we will issue a refund for the missing item at our discretion.
International shipments must clear customs in their destination countries.  International customers are responsible for any and all customs duties, taxes and brokerage fees that their package may incur.  UPS charges for customs clearance are substantially higher than shipments sent via international mail. We are not able to determine the amount of these fees before shipping to you. Please contact UPS in your country for estimates prior to ordering as UPS will not deliver your order unless these fees are paid in full.  Any order returned to us due to non-payment of brokerage and customs fees will be subject to our international cancellation fee, original shipping charge and the return shipping fees charged by the carrier. Please be sure of your country's import restrictions and requirements prior to ordering. Any order returned to us due to your country's import restrictions or regulations will be subject to our international order cancellation fee, original shipping charge and the return shipping fees charged by the carrier for reentry into the United States and returned to us.

*Please be aware that shipping quotes and prices come directly from the carriers. In the event your shipping cost are insufficient to cover shipping of your package, we will attempt to ship using another method if you approve, or invoice you for the balance before shipping.



What is your return policy?

Please refer to our RETURNS page. There you may review our Return policies. 

Email: customerervice@redskitchensink.com
Call us: 1-(800) 893-2803


Does my race matter?

Red's Kitchen Sink Products are formulated for use on ALL hair types.  Please see our 'Before and After' page for real results!


Do your products permanently straighten the hair?

 No. Red’s Kitchen Sink products will not permanently straighten your hair. Upon washing, hair will revert back to its natural state. Our products do not contain chemicals that permanently straighten hair.



Summer Shipping/Souffles, Formulas and Meringues/Whipped Products

 We do not add fillers or waxes which can clog pores to our products. In the warm months or in hot climates, Souffles, Formula, Meringues and whipped products may melt if exposed to high temperatures. By HIGH client demand, we sell our products year round. We do our best to avoid meltage by shipping with ice packs and pre cooling. During that time, we will charge up to 3.00 handling fee to offset the cost of ice packs and priority shipping. We cannot ship these fragile items in First Class mail due to the risk of longer heat exposure. To  avoid melting, please keep note of tracking information for your package, and do not allow package to be exposed to climate heat. If your product melts, simply stir and place product in cool dry place and allow to become solid. Product will appear slightly different and less. Product will work the same and yield the same number of uses per jar. We are not responsible for meltage and recommend ordering this product in the LITE versions as it is already in liquid form.


Can I Use Your Products On My Relaxed Hair?

Yes.  If your hair has a slight curl/wave pattern when wet, Soc-it-2-Mii Curls gel therapy can be used to enhance your natural curl pattern, add moisture and shine while reducing frizz. If your hair is straight when wet, Soc-it-2-Mii Curls can be used to twist hair while damp to achieve the naturally curly look.


“Herbal Hair Soufflé”TM can be used on relaxed or natural to moisturize scalp and hair, and to impart gloss without the heavy stiffness. Cuc-A-Bugz curling puddin’ TM is not recommended for bone straight hair types at this time.


I have a sew-in weave. Can I use the Herbal Hair System?

Yes. Apply to scalp as directed. Also apply to prevent weave damage.


What is the difference between the Herbal Hair System For Men, and the Herbal Hair System?

The difference is the Herbal Hair System for Men has a higher concentration of natural DHT blockers & PGD2 inhibitors which are more effective in men.


Can I use my styling gels and flat iron while using the Herbal Hair System?

Yes. The Herbal Hair System can be used in conjunction with other styling products and does provide a level of heat protection. We recommend that you use the Herbl Hair system first, then apply other products s you normally would.

The difference is the Herbal Hair System for Men has a higher concentration of natural DHT blockers & PGD2 inhibitors which are more effective in men.


Do I have to shampoo my hair everytime I use the Pre-Treatment Spray?

For best results, we recommend that you wash area as directed but you can also wipe area with wet cloth or cotton balls.


My hair is thinning at the crown. Can I use your Herbal Hair System for Men?

Yes. You can use our Herbal Hair System even if you're bald.


What is the Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair System?

The Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair System is a 3-step system that loosens and dissolves wax build up in the follicles then goes to work immediately to help boost healthy hair growth while stimulating scalp throughout the day to continue boosting healthy hair growth.


Why should I get the Herbal Hair System instead of just the Formula?

While the Formula and Herbal Hair Souffle is great, we found that the Herbal Hair Sysytems work more effectively and faster due to the fact that the majority of hair loss is caused by excessive wax build up and other debris in the follicles and tension. Our Herbal Hair System Pre-Treatment instantly begins the process of dissolving these buildups and debris while soothing the scalp which allows the Herbal Hair Formula (Pour Homme) and Herbal Hair Souffle to be more effective. Use the pocket sized powerful Herbal Serum throughout the day to give your scalp the extra phytonutrients throughout the day and enhance styling.


What is the difference between the LITE Systems and the Herbal Hair Systems?

 The Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Systems LITE are non-oily; same powerful herbs in a light formula.


I am seeing hair loss from Male Pattern Baldness. Can I use the Herbal Hair System (Pour Homme) For Men?

Yes. Many of the positive reviews you are reading on the web come from men with male pattern baldness who use our Herbal Hair System (Pour Homme).


When will I see results?

Individual results vary as hair growth is unique to each individual.



What if my scalp is irritated?



Do not use Beaucoup Hair Pretreatment Follicle Cleanse if scalp is sensitive, irritated, sunburned, or if skin is broken as some of the ingredients can cause additional irritation.  All ingredients are listed on this website, and also on our products. As with any product, please be sure to read the ingredients prior to use. If you notice irritation after use, rinse off and DO NOT USE.