Spa In A Jar Juices 'N Berries Clay Exfoliating Mask

Spa In A Jar Juices 'N Berries Clay Exfoliating Mask

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By popular demand and because sometimes your skin needs that extra cleansing boost to get glowing, Red's Kitchen Sink has brought it back! We've placed the power of glowing healthy skin right at your fingertips! Over half of skin problems in both men and women can be attributed to dirt and sebum blockages in our pores, 25% to loss of moisture and collagen in our skin cells by age 30 causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,  and the rest to irritants and pollutant exposure. Although most cleansers and clays available claim they are pure and are non-drying, the fact is, most contain some form drying agents along with fillers.

We are proud to consistently say that we do not use "stretchers" fillers in our products. What you see is what you get. Pure Juniper berries, crushed lavender flowers, Aloe juice, french green clay and more! Pure unadulterated AWESOMENESS which translates into "A little goes a long way"

We have sold our Spa in A Jar Juices 'N Berries Exfoliating Clay Mask with rave reviews for years but we had no idea how much you loved it until we no longer had it available! We received so many back orders and you waited patiently for it to arrive!
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Spa In A Jar Juices N' Berries Clay Exfoliating Mask R-E-L-O-A-D-E-D  and (READY TO USE!!!)

Directions: Apply to skin, massage gently in circular motions if exfoliation is desired or just allow mask to remain on skin for  5-10 minutes. Rinse of with warm water. Follow with serum and or moisturizer if desired.