Our rare, premium RAW Gallberry Honey is a must have for its health benefits and your pantry. Mild to medium with a slightly bitter taste, it is made from the nectar of the gallberry bush.  It is very high in nutrients and LIVE enzymes, while rich in antioxidants and pollen. 

Thicker than most honey, Gallberry honey is rich in flavonoids, phenolic acids, anthocyanins, Vitamin C & A and mineral salts. The rich amber color is derived from its high polyphenol content that includes tannins along with ellagic acid. This honey is slow to crystalize due to its lower sugar content and supports a host of health benefits.

May be enjoyed alone, in tea, cooking and more..

The Gallberry bush is an evergreen bush native to Georgia and Florida with white or green blooms and produces round purple to black colored berries. Revered for centuries for its amazing health properties, Native Americans boiled the leaves to make a tea called Appalachain Tea. 


Size 12 fl oz/ 0.9 lb