About Us

At Red's Kitchen Sink,  we're not about just a hairstyle, we're about a LIFESTYLE. We dilligently believe in and want to share with the world a health message. Beauty is not skin deep! It actually radiates from the inside out. We want to show you how to be your beautiful best, from the inside out. We are doing this not only through our awesome handmade natural hair and skin products, we are also raising the awareness and sharing knowledge with you on how to bring about a change through the very foods you eat and how to use foods and herbs to heal yourself. We're gonna show you how to grow your hair, prevent hair loss, and feel great from the inside out! Without side effects. So sit back and enjoy your time with us! We are truly enjoying our time with you!

Our Mission:


Our products are pure and natural

We  never test our products on Animals

We use a small group of people including clients like you who sign up to test products

Our Promise to You:

We will never make empty promises and guarantees that your hair will grow back next week, or that you will look 20 years younger in 3 days... We will give you the truth and nothing but the truth. Change begins with you. Ready? I'm excited! Let's Begin!  Please enjoy our videos on healthy living!!!