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Try it first! You can now have your own travel sized sample of our Coconut Herbal Shampoo & Total Repair Conditioner!! See for a small introductory price why its so popular!! 100% Plant Based Formulas! Order your samples TODAY!

1oz size for each bottle.

Total Repair Herbal Shampoo Stimulate fuller, thicker, hair with our powerful, yet gentle scalp stimulating shampoo. Rich, nutritious, sulfate-free ingredients gently cleanse and nourish hair while pure Sage (a natural DHT blocker), Lemongrass, and niacin target hair follicles to enhance scalp circulation on the cellular level and normalize sebum production.Scented and enhanced with an exclusive blend of pure therapeutic-grade Essential oils of BulgarianLavender, Sage, Lemongrass, Vetiver, and Jasmine. A synergy that gives a complete aromatherapy experience. and keeps hair looking healthy. Lessens wax build-up and encourages healthy hair growth. Helps prevent further hair loss. Unisex. Better for color-treated hair. Great for all hair types. Creates fuller shiny hair. 

Total Repair Conditioner - Nourish hair shaft from inside out and restore smooth, frizz free, healthy looking hair with our simple 3-minute healing conditioner. 100% plant extract oils infused with the purest essential oils and enhanced with Vitamin E and a complete Vitamin B complex deeply penetrate hair shaft to repair and smooth cuticle restoring hair to silky, shiny, and lively! Detangles hair. Pure oils of Sage, Vetivier, Lemongrass and Cardamon balance sebum production in both dry and oily hair, and improve scalp circulation while delivering a light aromatherapy experience. Made for ALL hair types. Safe for color treated hair. Encourages HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH. 100% pure plant based ingredients SLS Free -Petroleum free -Paraben free Cruelty-free. Never tested on animals

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