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Beaucoup Hair TM

Herbal Hair System


Grow Your Hair Back! Did you know that EVERYTHING you need to grow your hair can be found right here in nature? The live nutrients you need are readily available in the flowers, herbs, plants, oils, rocks, water and the very air you breathe. Red's Kitchen Sink has placed the power of growing longer, thicker, stronger hair right at your fingertips! NATURALLY! WITHOUT THE HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS of other chemical based treatments and drugs. All this in our non-invasive, easy to apply Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Systems... Most results seen in less than 3 months!


It's Not Complicated at All!  

Most hair loss in both men and women can be attributed to excessive sebum or wax build up in the follicles, an excess of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in the bloodstream, poor blood circulation to the scalp and/or nutritional deficiencies.  Recent studies also indicate that the enzyme, Prostaglandin G2 (PGD2) is responsible for a hair loss in both genders. In fact, 25% of men begin balding by age 30 and two-thirds by age 60. In women, 12% begin losing their hair by age 25 and 50% by age 50.    

Modern Medical Treatments 

The sad fact of the matter is that most modern drugs are formulated to treat symptoms and not root causes leaving many of us with more problems than we started out with in the beginning. Most chemicals and drugs used to treat male pattern baldness, thinning, and hair loss for example only work for the time used and can be accompanied by other more serious side effects like enlarged breasts or impotence, and in some cases can result in even more hair loss. 

Our Solution: Harvest and Unleash the power of real plant, herbs, flowers & oils and grow your hair back In three easy steps! 

Introducing the Beaucoup Hair  Herbal Hair SystemTM ,  A specially designed three-step system that allows you or your stylist to Jump Start your healthy hair growth. 


We are also offering a special promotion where if you purchase one of our Herbal Hair Systems you can include the Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner for only $25 more!  An all plant based product that works in conjunction with the Herbal Hair Systems to support a healthy scalp, follicles & cell growth. 



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