Our Story

My mom’s name is Rebecca, although people call her Red! An amazing single parent, Red raised six children by herself. What a diva who could fix anything wrong with you, using herbs! Like a little apprentice, I followed mom around her kitchen and to those wonderful all natural food stores soaking up all of the knowledge I could! Red taught me everything she knew about natural living! She even taught me how to make PURE salves and teas with herbs from the garden.

My paternal grandmother, Mary, owned a high volume beauty salon and was known for helping people grow their hair. One of my ancestors, Dorothy AKA “Aunt Dot” was a former slave who was an herbal healer. She grew everything she ate and from what we hear lived to be be 117 years old.

Fast forward to motherhood, I began growing herbs when my daughter Rhyan was born. A nurse by trade, I yearned for a PURE product that would keep her skin and hair beautiful just like Red. When I say PURE, I mean PURE! I wanted a product so PURE, you could taste it! Well, so much for searching. Couldn’t find one out there, so I made it. A hair cream so pure you COULD taste it! People complimented me on how beautiful my baby’s hair and skin was and asked what I was using. When I told them a homemade cream using herbs from my garden, they asked could they try it.

Herbal healing was naturally my calling even before I became a nurse. I knew this because I could be speaking with a total stranger about their medical situation and somehow I could feel and know which herbs they needed for their healing, and which foods they should avoid. I've never understood this myself, but this was frequent and still is. I am thankful for this gift.

While working as a nurse in Washington D.C., I would sometimes take care of patients undergoing chemotherapy. They would complain frequently about their skin and scalps being dry and sore and started asking me for some of "whatever" I was using. I used herbs from my garden to make my 'Herbal Hair Moisturizers' and gave them as gifts to soothe their dry irritated scalps and skin. Then something amazing happened.... their hair began growing back sooner than they expected!!  My own hair grew so fast, I named it Beaucoup Hair. 'Beaucoup' is a French word which means much, or many. I stepped out on faith and left my career in nursing to pursue this dream fulltime and launched Red’s Kitchen Sink!  Now, over 10,000 jars and bottles later, I offer my PURE, all natural Skin and Hair care products to you!  

I share with you my family’s tradition of PURE…Red’s Kitchen Sink.