Silk Press Kit Spray It Straight Thermal Straightening System

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Introducing Silk Press Intense Therapy Spray is straight Thermal Straightening System


YOUR PROTECTIVE SHIELD AGAINST HEAT DAMAGE: Enjoy curling, straightening or blow drying your hair, FREE of the fear of hair breakage or volume loss due to heat damage! Our Spray It Straight works at the cuticle level, sealing it to prevent moisture loss, and allowing you to use ANY hot styling tool, ANY time – meaning regardless if your hair is wet or dry! This way, you’ll NEVER have to have another bad hair day, EVER again!

TIME-SAVING, EASY-TO-APPLY SPRAY!: Forget hair heat protection foams, mousses, creams or masks. Nobody's got time for that! Our Thermal Protection Straightening System does the work in MINUTES! All you have to do is Apply, Spray, and Style – and you’re ready to go about your day with Shiny beautiful silky hair! If you want a touch of shine - apply just a dab of serum and get ready to steal the show with your envious mane!

GREASE-FREE: Smooth, shiny, AND GREASE-FREE hair? We hear ya – and that’s why we made THE most lightweight Thermal Protection Straightening System on the market. Your hair will not only look but FEEL silky and smooth – FREE of any residues that you used to get with your old heat protectants! When we say that our Thermal Protection Straightening System is the real deal, we mean it! Try it out and you’ll NEVER want to use another hair heat protection product EVER again!

DEEPLY NOURISHES & CONDITIONS HAIR: The Silk Press Kit Spray It Straight formula contains Vegan Keratin, Real Silk Amino Acids, Pure Bamboo extracted from the whole plant, Shea Butter, Aloe, Marula Oil, and many more ALL-NATURAL ingredients that penetrate the ENTIRE hair shaft AND condition hair throughout - and from the inside-out. What’s more, our hair thermal protection system ALSO fortifies your hair with omega-3, and 9 fatty acids, Silica, Vitamins E and B-complex, too!

SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Whether you have straight or curly; wavy or frizzy; dry or damaged; natural or colored hair – our Heat Protectant Straightening System will help you get the relaxed, kink-free, strong, AND healthy hair you’ve always lusted after, in the most natural way! Remember: YOU ARE WORTH IT! So treat yourself to the BEST thermal heat protectant spray for hair! Click on that Green Button RIGHT NOW! 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.