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Herbal Hair Souffle Moisturizer
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Whether natural or chemically enhanced, grow your hair naturally with our fabulous "Beaucoup Hair" Herbal Hair Souffle creme. It's made from UNREFINED Shea butter and other edible oils, is infused with pure plants, herbs and essences that instantly nourish and strengthen your hair from the roots encouraging hair growth! Use Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Souffle for manageability and shine, to create beautiful hair styles, curly or straight. Add sparkle and shine naturally to your dull tresses. 

Give your hair the nourishment that it deserves. Treat your self to "Beaucoup Hair" Herbal Hair Souffle.


*Check out our new JUMBO size: 8oz!!



 We do not add fillers or waxes which can clog pores to our products. In the warm months or in hot climates, Souffles, Formula, Meringues and whipped products may melt if exposed to high temperatures. By HIGH client demand, we sell our products year round. We do our best to avoid meltage by shipping with ice packs and pre cooling. During that time, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU PLEASE CHOOSE PRIORITY SHIPPING or FEDEX 2-DAY SHIPPING. We will include ice packs and special shipping materials. We cannot ship these fragile items in First Class mail due to the risk of longer heat exposure. To  avoid melting, please keep note of tracking information for your package, and do not allow package to be exposed to climate heat. If your product melts, simply stir and place product in cool dry place and allow to become solid. Product will appear slightly different and less. Product will work the same and yield the same number of uses per jar. We are not responsible for meltage and recommend ordering this product in the LITE versions as it is already in liquid form if meltage is a concern.



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