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Beaucoup HairTM

Herbal Hair System

w/All New Herbal Hair Souffle (same original formula now in a cream version)!


EVERYTHING you need to support growth of  your hair can be found right here in nature. The live nutrients you need are readily available in the flowers, herbs, plants, oils, rocks, water and the very air you breathe. Our 3-Step Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair System Batana Oil places the power of supporting growing longer, thicker, stronger hair right at your fingertips! NATURALLY! WITHOUT THE HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS of other chemical based treatments and drugs. All this in our non-invasive, easy to apply Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Systems..



It's Not Complicated at All!

Most hair loss in both men and women can be attributed to excessive sebum or wax build up in the follicles, an excess of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) in the bloodstream, poor blood circulation to the scalp and/or nutritional deficiencies.  Recent studies also indicate that the enzyme, Prostaglandin G2 (PGD2) is responsible for a hair loss in both genders. In fact, 25% of men begin balding by age 30 and two-thirds by age 60. In women, 12% begin losing their hair by age 25 and 50% by age 50.   

 Our Solution: Harvest and Unleash the power of real plant, herbs, flowers & oils and grow your hair back In three easy steps! 

Introducing the Beaucoup Hair  Herbal Hair SystemTM ,  A specially designed three-step system that targets bald spots,thinning hair, alopecias,  receding hairline in three steps::

 1-Clears scalp of old wax  debris and  build up

2-Nourishes scalp and roots.  

3-Naturally Blocks DHT and encourages growth.

Allows you or your stylist to Jump Start promoting your healthy hair growth.  



  1. First pre-treat your scalp to loosen and dissolve old wax build-up with our specially formulated Pre-Treament Spray preparing your scalp for follow up with our power-house formula.     
  2. Next, apply our top seller: 

Shea Butter based, Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Souffle / Hair Formula  is formulated with our proprietary herbal blend of herbs including our cold pressed oils and whole plant phytonutrients that are known to support and boost Healthy Scalp Neem, rosemary, sage, pumpkin seed oil, along with natural chlorophyll, Omega-3 and 9 fatty acids, and quercetin compounds that help to energize scalp and support healthy hair growth

  1. Natural DHT Blocker Serum-Next, nourish your scalp.  Apply a few drops of Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Herbal Scalp Therapy Serum TM. Red's own special blend of herbs, contains  Blue Vervain, Stinging Nettles, phytonutrients, Omega-3 and 9 fatty acids, and compounds of quercetin  which go to work instantly and keeps on working, supporting healthy growth.  

**Note: Please note that we have changed the size of our Beaucoup Hair Herbal Scalp Pretreatment Spray to reflect an even more balanced system.

Results reported in as little as 4-6 weeks.


Beaucoup Hair Herbal; Scalp Pretreatment Spray 4 oz

Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Souffle / Herbal Hair Formula 4 oz

Beaucoup HaIr Natural DHT Blocker Serum  1 oz



IT'S SIMPLE AS 1-2-3!  



*** We only use the purest forms of oils, herbs and essences and No PARABENS, PETROLEUM, SYNTHETIC FILLERS or HARSH PRESERVATIVES. We recommend that you use your products within one year even though we know you'll use 'em sooner!




*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.