Purple Sea Moss | Irish Moss | Wildcrafted Raw 100% Natural

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Our rare, raw, wild crafted purple sea moss is imported fresh from St. Lucia.

Users will notice the purple moss will have a much stronger ocean smell and taste vs. gold sea moss.  Due to the careful process of it being harvested to maintain its color, the sea water is not rinsed off so users may notice a light coating of dried salt on the surface.  This is normal as it is just dried saltwater.  Absolutely nothing is added to the sea moss.  100% NATURAL.


What's the difference between Purple Sea Moss and Gold Sea Moss?

Sea moss in the ocean naturally comes in a variety of colors.  Once it is harvested and sun dried the impact of sunlight actually 'bleaches' the color to gold.  In order to preserve its natural hue it has to be handled differently so that the color is retained.  Along with all of the basic benefits for sea moss they are all the same no matter the color.  But the ones that retain the color has some additional benefits that you typically get for example with colored veggies such as phytonutrients and anthocyanins.

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