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Sea Moss is a species of seaweed (algae) that is grown and harvested from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Oceans. It is rich in minerals and nutrients and known as the collagen of the sea. For many years Sea Moss has been revered for it's super high iodine, potassium, calcium, and Vitamins  A, D, E and K. It is used world wide for its remarkable healing properties especially relating to issues of the thyroid, joints, colds and flu, and learning/behavior disorders.  A natural detox, the mucilage from Sea Moss is high in potassium chloride which goes to work breaking down catarrh, puling toxins from the cells naturally.



Country of Origin: St Lucia

Our Sea Moss comes directly from the pristine waters off the island of St Lucia.  We do not alter the sea vegetable in way. Please follow directions for preparation.


Directions: Rinse Sea Moss thoroughly, washing away any debris from the sea using one of the following methods:

HEAT METHOD: Soak in warm water for 20 minutes.Rinse Sea Moss again. Add to pot and cover with distilled/purified/spring water  Bring to boil. Remove from heat and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes. Do not discard water. Add to blender with distilled/purified/spring water in ratio of 1 cup sea moss to 1/4 cup water. Blend until smooth and creamy.

NO HEAT METHOD: Soak in warm water between 6-36 hrs (until soft/gelatinous).  Add to blender with water in a ratio of 1c of Sea Moss to 1.5-2c of distilled/purified/spring water. Blend until smooth and creamy. Refrigerate or freeze after preparation.


P.S. This is a sea vegetable harvested from the ocean and there can be variations in color and texture. Although we lightly rinse the ocean water off, understand that some ocean water may remain and dry leaving a few salt crystals behind. This is completely normal. Do not be alarmed if you have to soak longer. May be quick soaked with hot water method. It is normal to soak Sea Moss for up to 36 hours.



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  • I purchased the cell fuel 102 sea moss powder herbal blend May 17, 2019. I want to know can I still use it. The jar was opened and half of the produce used. I want to continue on using the remaining power. What is the shelve life time of this powder blend? I started buying your sea moss roots and made my own gel. I forgot about the powder form I had brought May 2019.

    Typically, it is good for 2 years. Please check the bottom of your jar for the exiratioin date to be sure.

  • Is it safe to have during pregnancy?

    Hello there.  We are not medical professionals and have no knowledge of you nor your health condition so we are not authorized to answer that question directly.  What I can say is that sea moss is a sea vegetable and not medicine so you should treat it basically the same as any other part of your diet that you may or may not discuss with your doctor.

  • I read that there is a concern that the shorelines are being devastated by wild harvesting of the sea moss. It was reccomend to buy farm harvested instead, I do not want to purchase farm harvested product but I also do not want to support the devastation of our ocean shorelines either. Can you provide your opinion on the wild harvesting practice and is there an impact on the environment? Thanks!

    Hello there. Our Sea Moss is sustainably harvested.

  • Where exactly do you get your sea moss from?

    As stated in our listing, we get our Sea Moss from St. Lucia.

  • How long do your sea moss last in the package after opening?

    Hi, as long as the sea moss stays dry as packaged it wil not spoil.

  • I am about to start my detoxification. Can I take the sea moss while i am doing the detoxification? Thanks, Oscar

    Sea Moss can be a part of or the entire detox regimen. Check with your healthcare professional prior to starting any new regimen.

  • please advise how to obtain the sea moss you used to sell. I'd gladly pay for the sand/water/salt that was in the previous type than this new kind. The outcome is NOT the same. The previous moss was more beneficial

    Im sorry. What is your specific problem? Water salt and sand will never be more beneficial than pure plant according to Dr Sebi himself. Maybe you just need to add more water during your blending stage? This moss is much more potent so you can make it more watery and it will yield more gel. Please call us at 1-800-893-2803 and we will be happy to provide further assistance.

  • How is the Sea-Moss gel preserved? What are the ingredients/

    Preservatives are not added to our Sea moss Gel. We preserve it with temperature control. Our ingredients are Sea Moss and water.

  • Where can I purchase large quantities of Ross Sea Moss

    We do offer our wildcrafted Sea Moss in bulk quantities. Here's the link:

  • How long can you store the gel? Does it need to stay cool?

    Sea moss gel will last up to 3 weeks in the refridgerator and a year in the freezer.

  • where is the sea moss harvested?

    Our Sea Moss comes directly from St. Lucia.

  • Is this sea moss hand made or grown naturally in the sea?

    The sea moss is wildcrafted meaning it is grown and harvested from the sea.

  • Why does the seamoss I purchased look completely different from the picture. The one you shopped to me is much much lighter in color and the frongs were atleast 3 times larger. I would like my money back plz. This is not wild crafted seamoss.

    Our Sea Moss is wildcrafted and comes from St. Lucia. There is so much misinformation out here it's scary. Our Sea Moss is wildcrafted. Please understand that in nature, there are natural vairiations. Wildcrafted sea moss will never look identical thanks to the laws of nature. There will be differences in color, shape, size, and  at times, the way it behaves. This is how you know it's wildcrafted. Lab created things are created to look identical. This is what our society is conditioned to know and expect. We pride ourselves in the fact that we LOVE the naturally occurring plants and do not have sea moss that look and behave the same way everytime.
    Please check out video below:

  • If sea moss good for blood pressure

    Please check out our blood pressure support tonic called PRESSURE BE GONE Blood Pressure Support Tonic. Here's a link:

  • I just want if the sea moss is organic

    It is organic by definition but not USDA certified organic.

  • How long does the gel last in the refrigerator?

    Depending on how it is prepared, up to 3 weeks in the fridge and a year or more in the freezer.